2022 Spring Catalog

2022 Spring Catalog

2022 Spring Catalog

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31 101 Nights O f G reat Sex is not a book you read. It's a book you do w hile you do your partner. A N ew York T im es bestseller, this is the ultim ate sex guide for couples. ITEM 301A PRIC E $25.00 Sex For O ne dem on- strates how anyone can learn to m ake love alone and explains w hy m astur- bation is sexually and spiritually fulfilling for m en and w om en. ITEM 3543 PRIC E $15.95 The Little Big Book O f Breasts F eatures over 150 big-tit m odels from the '50s, '60s and '70s, including V irginia B ell, R oxanne B rew er, Lisa D eLeeuw , U schi D igard, S ylvia M cF arland, C hesty M organ, R oberta P edon and C andy S am ples. ITEM B00012 PRIC E $12.95 The M am m oth Book of Q uick & Dirty Erotica O ver 130 of the best short pieces of erotic fiction. U niform s, bon- dage, sex in outer space, kinkiness on the P residential plane and m uch m ore. ITEM B00092 PRIC E $21.95 The Little Book of Sex: Hot Hot Hot S uccum b to your pri- m al desires and explore the w orld of sex through raunchy quotes, tales of histo- ry's m ost insatiable lovers and sensual tips to get you and your partner in the m ood for love. ITEM 32233 PRIC E $9.95 Kam a Sutra M ini Book A petite and portable new edi- tion of the K am a S utra. F eaturing 64 erotic positions, this take-anyw here collection is guar- anteed to bring you pleasure beyond your w ildest dream s. ITEM 36360 PRIC E $9.95 Little Big Book of Sex G am es G et ready to play! It doesn't get hot- ter than this. A ctivities draw n from such bestsellers as C osm o's S team y S ex G am es, Truth or D are & 365 N aughty N ights plus a new selection of gam es and positions to spice up your sex life. W ith sug- gestions from naughty m assages to hot quickies to sexy quizzes, this little book has everything a, fun-loving couple could w ant. ITEM 36361 PRIC E $19.95 Tickle M y Tush F rom m ild-to-w ild, backdoor-curious couples can easily find their personal approach and com fort levels at their ow n pace. T he perfect book for anal experts and the anal curious. ITEM 37742 PRIC E $16.95

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